Hampshire FA Football Futures Conference 2017

This April, the Hampshire FA Young Persons Forum will be hosting a Football Futures Conference at Peter Symonds College on Friday 21st April. The Conference is the first event organised by the Hampshire FA Young Peoples Forum this season and will feature a host of workshops including refereeing, coaching, and confidence building delivered by professionals employed in football and sport. FA Tutor Lisa Savage, the Hampshire FA Referee Youth Council, Richard Cheetham MBE from the University of Winchester will all be delivering a section of the conference which is scheduled for Friday 21st April 2017, 9am – 4pm at the college.

Football Futures is a rewards programme for young leaders aged 14-24 years, driven by The FA. The programme aims to retain and train leaders with incentives and workshops across 6 key themes to increase employability and career prospects. At Hampshire FA, we too are committed to ensuring that young leaders that commit their time to volunteering in football are rewarded for their efforts and contribution.

The rewards programme is available for students volunteering in school, college, university or alternatively your grassroots football team. Incentives are available to reward the young grassroots heroes who are making a difference to their community and to the future of the game, putting in hours of voluntary hours to ensure others can participate. Football Futures has been used to identify the most proactive young leaders in the county whilst these leaders are also encouraged to apply for the Hampshire FA’s Young Person’s Forum.FFCONFEY

The Hampshire FA Young Persons Forum is focused on developing and supporting young people by empowering those aged 24 and under to shape football. The forum has the responsibility to ensure that young people are able to voice their opinions and develop skills that are also transferrable from sport in other areas. Hampshire FA’s Young Persons Forum is made up of a series of roles including Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Project Manager, Finance Officer, Marcomms Officer and more.
“The Conference is a great opportunity for Hampshire’s young leaders to experience what can be achieved by young people when they collaborate and support each other. Everything at the Conference has been organised by the Hampshire FA Young Person’s Forum and we hope that this will inspire others to follow their example and use their leadership skills to make a positive impact in their local community. Inspire, lead, progress is the mission statement of Football Futures and the Young Person’s Forum really are the personification of this”.
Dan Greenwood, Children & Young People Football Development Officer

Interested and want to find out more? Contact Daniel Greenwood: Daniel.Greenwood@HampshireFA.com


Hampshire FA Encourages People to Nominate Volunteers for the FA Community Awards Presented by McDonald’s UK

Today, I have been busy writing our second column for the Basingstoke Gazette and for the first time our column will be featured with our new media partners at the Andover Advertiser! What we are hoping for is to convey this simple message here, to try to reach out and encourage as many readers who may be spectators, family members and friends that see their loved ones or relatives, someone they know playing the beautiful game on a Saturday or Sunday morning, come rain or shine, to nominate those that truly deserve to receive an FA Community Award, the very people that make the games you go to watch on a weekend, happen.


The FA last week announced The FA Community Awards were open for nominations. The awards aim to reward, recognise the successes and achievements of grassroots volunteers who are making huge differences to the community they serve, making games happen up and down the country from the groundsman who ensures pitches are playable, the coach who dedicates hours of time to creating session plans, delivering sessions, mentoring the new generation of footballers or the Secretary who also has the role of First Aider and Welfare Officer, an all-rounder with numerous responsibilities but still manages to keep afloat and does it all in their stride. Whoever these individuals are, wherever they are, the one thing we do recognise is that these people more than qualify for a nomination; their work, commitment, passion speaks volumes and now this is our time, our small part to play in return to dedicate a few minutes to nominate them for the hours they put in on a daily basis. They may not be the type of people to go out looking for rewards and do it all for the love of the game – the very nature of that of a volunteer, doing it for the intrinsic benefits with a sheer love for what they do without the expectation of receiving anything back in return – but it is these people who are keeping the beautiful game alive, the heart and soul of our very community.

We recognise that these volunteers, perhaps without even taking the time to stop and look at what they do, that they all have contributed far more than simply making the game happen. They bring people together, they integrate communities, friendships are made, people are united through a shared interest, opportunities for personal growth and development are provided as players transition from youth to adult, as people enter new stages of their lives they are there to also see this transition through, it becomes far more than just a game as football is the place encapsulating it all. Please do spare a few minutes of your time to appreciate these gems that are the lifeblood in our football community in our county: http://www.thefa.com/get-involved/community/fa-community-awards.

Isabella Sakias, Business Support Officer for Hampshire FA